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2017 April 17 • Monday

The 461st Soundtrack of the Week has been on my to-do list for a while. There's so much music on this two-CD presentation that I can't hope to do it justice but here it is nonetheless: Hugo Monetenegro's score for Hurry Sundown.

The soundtrack is centered around a rich and compelling main theme that Montenegro arranges the hell out of. It's a deep and complex piece of music that taps into several veins of American musical history: spirituals, jazz and blues as well as the work or such composers as Alex North and Charles Ives.

My favorite parts are the more swinging sections though I find the whole thing to be riveting. There's so much melodicism and lyricism throughout, you can hear reverberations of songs such as "Moon River" and "Once I Loved".

Many thanks to the great Intrada label for making this music available!