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2017 March 20 • Monday

The 457th Soundtrack of the Week is this fantastic compilation: The Bombay Connection Vol. 1: Funk from Bollywood Action Thrillers 1977–1984.

This is a solid and irresistibly groovy collection of music, beautifully packaged with copious liner notes.

It opens with a short blast of funky music that's indebted to Peter Thomas's score for The Big Boss and then swings into the beautifully melodic and rhythmically powerful music typical of Indian film scores from this period..

R. D. Burman has always been a favorite of mine, as well as one of the most famous composers in the genre (and the son of another one), and he's well represented here by the soaring and catchy "Main Hoon Lilly", the almost novelty song of "Music" from the movie Salaam Memsaabv and the dramatic and powerful "Title Music" from The Burning Train, which exploits both synthesizers and harmonica (and might owe a little something to Henry Mancini's music for Silver Streak).

There's no piece of music on here called "Werewolf Invasion" but there is "Giraffe Trapping Music" by Sapan-Jagmohan from a movie called Habari. (A nod to Hatari!?) It has an awesome guitar sound in it, a keyboard sound that Sun Ra might have liked and a bewitchingly frothy groove.

Most of these tracks have excellent electric guitar sounds on them, reverby and strong. That signature sound is joined by some frantic wah-wah playing as well as calliope-like music in Charanjit Singh's "Pyar Chaiye Keh Paisa" from Chhailla Babu.

And those are just some highlights. Every track on here is stellar.