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2017 March 13 • Monday

For the 456th Soundtrack of the Week we listened to Kiro Miyauchi's cool and swinging jazz score for Koroshi o oe (Pursuing a Murderer).

The drums are the driving force here, often playing an aggressive swing pattern on the high hat, as made famous by Elmer Bernstein's music for The Man with the Golden Arm. There's lots of creative soloing and comping, too, as well as subtle and sensitive textural playing.

There are some very short cues and one main theme is worked out a lot. The instrumentation is impressive. Flute and muted trumpet are the main voices but there are electric keyboards and harpsichord as well used to great effect.

A couple of tracks are source music for a club scene and one four-minute track sounds like it's supposed to be for a music box or children's toy.

While that last one might drive you a little nuts, all the other music on here is excellent and exciting.