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2017 February 06 • Monday

A few weeks ago while browsing the soundtrack selection in a record store, I came across this CD: Akademia Pana Kleska by Andrzej Korzyński.

It was clearly a soundtrack. I'd never heard of the title or the composer. The nationality and date were also unknown to me.

What to do?

Collectors have methods. Mine is very simple. It involves one easily answerable question. "Does the record contain a track called "Werewolf Invasion"?

In this case, yes. And so it's our 451st Soundtrack of the Week.

This record covers a lot of ground, from strong synth textures to delicate orchestral constructions with wind chimes and other percussion trading petite figures with reed instruments.

"Werewolf Invasion" is a straight-up synth rock number and I could easily imagine it accompanying a werewolf invasion. It's followed by the menacing and somewhat chaotic "Wolves Take the Castle", which is more of a flute- and timpani-driven piece.

There are some old standbys on this soundtrack, too, like the classic Middle Eastern market cue. How many times have you heard that one? Probably at least as often as you've heard an old west saloon piano cue.

It's a great selection of music, composed for what's apparently the most popular Polish children's film of all time. The blend of synthesizers with acoustic instruments comes off especially well.