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2017 January 02 • Monday

The startlingly original and ahead of its time electronic score by Delia Derbyshire and Elsa Stansfield for Pamela Bone's Circle of Light is our 446th Soundtrack of the Week.

The music is presented in two pieces, "Part One" and "Part Two".

It's not easy to tell what's going on. Some of it sounds purely electronic and some of it sounds like it's manipulating recorded sounds, of wind, for instance, or honking geese.

However it was created, the result is mesmerizing and hypnotic, looking ahead to ambient and trance music, as well as numerous avant garde and experimental creations.

And this was 1972!

Soundtrack music has often been ahead of its more respectable and more acknowledged sibling in the concert hall or in experiemental listening venues. This is another one of those times.