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2017 April 26 • Wednesday

Here's a neat record: Jack Costanzo, a.k.a. Mr. Bongo!

The cover is really amazing.

This CD compiles various recordings that feature Jack Costanzo on bongos. I'm no expert on hand percussion or Latin jazz, but the music is irresistibly hot and driving. It's almost impossible to sit still for it.

Jazz was huge in American popular culture in the 1950s, as were, briefly, the sounds of calypso and mambo. Costanzo rode this wave of popularity, even getting a cameo in an episode of Johnny Staccato.

Costanzo also taught bongos and had many famous students. Check out this mind-blowing video of him with Marlon Brando.

If you're at all interested, Mr. Bongo is a great CD to have.

2017 April 24 • Monday

Yasushi Akutagawa's music for Writhing Tongue is one of the greatest synth scores of all time, and the 462nd Soundtrack of the Week.