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2017 January 30 • Monday

For the 450th Soundtrack of the Week we've got another collection of rock and pop songs, this time for the Vietnam vet biker movie The Hard Ride.

The album starts out with a kind of poppy rendition of "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" by Bill Medley and then goes into a nice countryish rock song, Thelma Camacho's "I Came a Long Way To Be with You". She also sings "Carry Me Home", a Motown-influenced number that isn't as affecting, though she has a great voice.

"Fallin in Love with Baby" is a pretty straightforward pop rock song by Junction. From the little I've read about this movie, I gather that "Baby" is the name of the main character's motorcycle. "Fallin' in love with baby / Baby and me like to ride / Leaving the world behind / Giving me peace of mind / Keeping me satisfied."

After this come three songs by Bluewater. "Another Kind of War" also directly informs the viewer of the plot, as this soldier returns from the Vietnam war only to get dragged into a biker war. The music is kind of loungey, even Musak-like. "Be Nobody's Fool" is going for more of a soulful sound and again voices the plight of the hero. Finally "Let the Music Play" brings in a country sound which sounds better for a motorcycle s