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2016 December 19 • Monday

Another brilliant Italian score is the 444th Soundtrack of the Week: Stefano Torossi's exciting music for Omicidio per vocazione.

The main title comes blasting out with fuzz guitar, organ, xylophone, trumpet, flute, bass and drums, creating a multi-layered groove number. This theme returns in several different versions, most effectively in an eerily atmospheric "versione romantica" with ethereal wordless vocals.

The same ensemble then gets swinging in the 6/8 "Caccia all'uomo" while a heavier rock feel dominates "Prima dell'alba".

That heavy groove gets a little funky for "Dietro l'orchestra" before things get much lighter with the ersatz old timey jazz of "Camion".

"Fari" sounds like Torossi is channeling Sun Ra and early-'70s Miles Davis with its in your face organ slabs.

The tension is then immediately discharged by the sing-songy "Fonogrammo fisso".

Stefano Torossi is a new name to me and if this is typical of his work I hope I get to hear more of it!