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2016 September 28 • Wednesday

Searching Google for "'John McEnroe' porn" doesn't come up with much of anything. Not in the first handful of results, anyway. And for that we can be thankful.

Search Google for "female teacher front students mcenroe" and you also won't come up with anything.

But that might be about to change. Right now.

Because I was taking a look at the Japanese sort-of porn movie Female Teacher: In Front of the Students the other day—for research! I swear!—and noticed, first, that tennis was a big part of the movie—you can go search for "tennis porn" if you want; I'm done—and, second, that one of the aforementioned—I don't like the word "eponymous" or "titular"—students is looking at a tennis magazine that features John McEnroe.

Is that Jimmy Connors also in the spread? That would make sense. But I don't really know much about tennis although I enjoy playing it.