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2016 September 14 • Wednesday

Here's this amazing Bear Family release: The Singing Fisherman: The Complete Johnny Horton.

The first thing you'll notice about it is the weight, almost eight pounds.

Then you'll probably want to start listening to it. Nine CDs, 296 tracks, almost twelve hours of music.

Johnny Horton was amazing. What a voice, what songs. And Grady Martin's guitar playing on those rockabilly numbers!

You might want to learn about Johnny. As usual, this Bear Family box comes with a massive hardcover biographical book with discography and hundreds of photos. The text is by Colin Escott, which is another way of saying that the text is probably definitive.

But, wait there's more!

After Horton's tragic early death (aged 35) in a car crash, his mother wrote his biography. She wrote it by hand in a notebook. Not content with merely printing this amazing document, Bear Family have created facsimiles to include in this collection.

This is truly amazing. And why Bear Family is my favorite record label.