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2016 September 05 • Monday

Bruno Spoerri's score for Langstrasse Zwischen 12 und 12 (Long Street Between 12 & 12), a documentary about a Swiss neighborhood in the early 1970s, is pretty groovy, with saxophone and trumpet taking most of the melodic leads. It's never on autopilot. There's always harmonic movement, shifts in mood, abrupt pauses to feature some weird electronic instrument or change genres.

The cues are very short and the record goes from one to the other very quickly and smoothly. The presentation might remind you of long-form composed multi-genre pieces that would come much later, like John Zorn's "Spillane".

The music itself suggests various influences, from Henry Mancini to Miles Davis and from Burt Bacharach to The Beach Boys. It's a great album and our 429th Soundtrack of the Week.