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2016 July 18 • Monday

The 422nd Soundtrack of the Week is Berto Pisano & Jacques Chaumont's score for Kill!.

This is a really grooving and rocking record. The main title steals just enough rhythmic and harmonic energy from "The James Bond Theme" to create a similar feeling of excitement while creating its own identity. Blaring horns, fuzz guitar and pounding percussion. At the end of the record is a vocal version with lyrics sung by Doris Troy, who gives it a brutal energy.

"Nella Moschea" is a weird atmosphere with vibes, wordless vocals (the great Edda dell'Orso), vibes, and an electric guitar that sounds like it's somewhere between a sitar and a shamisen.

This is followed by the astonishingly beautiful "Hiasmina", which uses space and pauses in the pulse to create an off-kilter feeling in what would otherwise be a placid albeit moody 4/4 romantic theme. The use of strings on here is especially good.

The weird atmosphere comes all the way out for "Allucinazioni", as well it should. This is not a good trip. An undercurrent of antsy percussion creates a contrast for menacingly dark and brooding strings and occasional unexpected jabs from the horns.

After this comes "Inchiesta", a relatively straightforward fuzz guitar rocker with little bits of Hammond organ in it. Then there's imitation Middle Eastern music for "Khanpur" and, a little later on, the weirder "Souk Tawil", which starts out more or less normal but then leaves the planet with a celestial choir and organ.

The "Hiasmina" melody is simply too lovely to leave alone so it returns in an upbeat lounge version called "To Jean". Both versions recall Henry Mancini's Silver Streak theme but I only noticed it in this groovier rendition.

"Senza Tregua" is another weird atmosphere piece and "Il Deserto" is an appropriately desolate cue that reprises the "Hiasmina"/"To Jean" theme. When you come up with something that good, you should get the most out of it!

Rounding out the record are alternate versions of the three main themes. Really an excellent soundtrack album! I'd like to see the movie!