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2015 November 02 • Monday

I loved The Avengers: Age of Ultron and I thought Mad Max: Fury Road was mostly just silly. There, I said it. You can ignore all my opinions now.

But it's beyond me how anybody could think Fury Road was better than The Road Warrior, which I watched again recently just to make sure I wasn't romanticizing a memory. It's a really great movie, better than Fury Road in every way, including music.

Brian May's score for The Road Warrior is the 394th Soundtrack of the Week.

This a serious, dynamic score, rich and propulsive with a strong sense of narrative to it. Without being heavy-handed, it's the opposite of sonic wallpaper.

The cues aren't so much about themes as they are about the moods of the action and the emotions of the characters. Bernard Herrmann scored like that also, but this music isn't anything like Herrmann's.

Just like the movie, the music is solid, thoughtful, exciting and crafted with discipline for maximum impact.