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2015 July 13 • Monday

Tippi Hedren made this movie with a bunch of lions and other big cats in it. Her husband and their children were in it too. The cinematographer was Jan de Bont. Pretty much everybody got attacked and mauled by these wild animals.

Roar is the 379th Soundtrack of the Week.

It starts with a bunch of songs in various styles: reggae, soft rock, folk, Beach Boys, etc. The lyrics are pretty direct about finding harmony with nature and working toward peace. There's kind of a hippie soft-rock feel to a lot of it.

The score part is well done, finding lots of ways to use a few themes very effectively. The themes are usually based on the songs from the first half of the CD, such as "Isn't It Time?".

It's not the most compelling music I've ever heard but it's not bad. The movie is high on my list of films to watch. It came out in 1981 but took eleven years to make and cost $17 million.

While Roar wasn't much of a commercial success, it did lead to Hedren creating the Shambala Preserve animal sanctuary.