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2015 July 06 • Monday

The 378th Soundtrack of the Week is some important music from my younger days, John Williams's Raiders of the Lost Ark score.

Is any other John Williams score as engaged with the movie as this one? Listening to it is like eavesdropping on a conversation or admiring a dance partner.

The famous theme music for Indiana Jones is a re-working of a motif Williams used in The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing. Both simplified and expanded for Raiders, it becomes as powerful and memorable as the famous themes Williams wrote for Jaws and Star Wars.

But there's so much more here. Music for mystery, suspense, dread. Mysterious temples, spiders, chases, fights, love scenes, supernatural forces—even God!

It's almost impossible to imagine Raiders of the Lost Ark without this music. And as is so often the case with scores by the greatest film composers, the music is the final surge of power that brings the movie to life.