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2015 May 04 • Monday

The WFMU Record Fair was in Brooklyn this year, something I did not discover before leaving Brooklyn to go to the fair's previous location in Manhattan. So there was a little extra subway riding that day but I had my book with me and I got there in time to see Pramrod Sexena.

And of course there were records, and some of them were soundtracks.

Perhaps some people have been reading this and wondering when I was ever going to mention original music for an industrial film. This one's for you: Marion Evans's score for Race for the Wire, a movie which has something to do with the manufacturing of aluminum, and the 369th Soundtrack of the Week.

There's one of these on eBay right now, for about seventy dollars. It is not, in my opinion, worth that much money. (But I wouldn't pay that much for any record I can think of).

It's mostly easy listening and loungey music, not especially ear-grabbing or interesting. Some tracks, which have kind of a Bacharach Casino Royale feel, sound extremely familiar and I wonder if they managed to find their way into other soundtracks. Maybe this music ended up in a stock library after this.

(According to the liner notes this is an original score, not library music.)