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2015 April 27 • Monday

It's time again for Nikkatsu action with the compilation CD Gangland War: Bloody Territories 1966–1971, the 368th Soundtrack of the Week.

Despite the title, two of the tracks are dated 1965.

What can you expect from this? Well, there are a few kind of cheesy cuts and a few others that are for lounge lovers only.

But in general there are great grooves and guitar sounds, including some nasty fuzz. There are some vocal numbers sung by Akira Kobayashi, the star of all of the movies that the music was written for. (The sub-subtitle of the CD is Nikkatsu New Action World of Akira Kobayashi).

There are some kind of surfy jazz tracks and some jazzy surf tracks. You can hear the music functioning as underscore in places but I'm guessing that a lot of these tunes were source music in their respective movies.