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2015 January 26 • Monday

An old favorite, Lalo Schifrin's music for Enter the Dragon, is the 355th Soundtrack of the Week.

This extended edition has a lot more music than the original soundtrack album release. The highlight is still the main title theme, which appears in a number of different treatments (in "Su-Lin (The Monk)", "Into the Night" etc.). It's a wonderfully slinky melody supported by killer grooves.

Schifrin does his best to create music that sounds authentically Chinese in tracks such as "Han's Island" and "The Banquet".

He's on more familiar territory with "Headset Jazz", some mellow groovy business featuring electric piano. He gets pretty damn loungey with "The Gentle Softness", a track worthy of Henry Mancini.

Another standout is, of course, the music for the famous mirror scene. The whole CD is really great!