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2015 March 30 • Monday

The 364th Soundtrack of the Week is Perrak, a compilation of music by Rolf Kuhn.

It's loungey stuff, with the occasional touch of jazz or exotica. You can hear the influence of Henry Mancini in places, especially in the writing for strings.

2015 March 27 • Friday

Grace McCleen’s The Land of Decoration did not immediately grab me. First of all, I’m beyond tired of books that begin with quotations from other books. This has passed beyond pretension into triteness at this point. This book begins with a quote from the bible, one that explains the title. The title is itself explained in the book itself, so this addition is superfluous. Not a big deal, but it’s the kind of thing that will delay the drawing in of the reader if I am the reader.

The first part of the book is called “God’s Instrument”, the first chapter “The Empty Room”. The first line is “In the beginning there was an empty room, a little bit of space, a