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2015 February 27 • Friday

It seems that anytime somebody discovers the appearance of the name "Lolita" in a time and place that could have been shared by a pre-Lolita Vladimir Nabokov, that somebody will alert the world to this newly discovered "origin" of Lolita.

It's never persuasive. But it's only a matter of time before somebody notices this poster in the background of this French movie Le dernier des six from 1941—Nabokov might have seen it!—and starts howling about it.

2015 February 25 • Wednesday

Closed Circle is the only Robert Goddard book I've read but I look forward to reading another one before too long.

The first half is really fantastic. It's 1931 and a pair of con men are retreating to England after the collapse of a financial scheme in the United States.

Always looking for the next payday, Max and Guy are pleased to meet a young, rich, unmarried heiress on board. They've done this sort of thing bef