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2014 November 10 • Monday

The score for The Cosmic Man, with music composed by Paul Sawtell and Bert Shefter and released by Monstrous Movie Music as half of a two-CD set (with Sawtell & Shefter's music for Kronos), is the 345th Soundtrack of the Week.

At first listen to The Cosmic Man, I thought it was one of the greatest theremin records ever. Apparently, however, there's no theremin on it at all. The electric violin can produce very similar sounds and does so here and on Kronos.

The music in The Cosmic Man is very clearly marked by mood: danger, suspense, romance, action. What's most impressive about it is how effectively these moods are sustained, drawn out for surprisingly long sections without losing the listener's interest. And anytime something extra is needed, the electric violin is there!