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2014 September 15 • Monday

My friend Scott just gave me the soundtrack to Godzilla's Revenge, music by Kunio Miyauchi. Let's make it the 336th Soundtrack of the Week!

It starts off with two takes of a "Monster March" vocal number by Gendai Kono, a sharp and aggressive number that certainly leaves an impression.

Then we get into some dreamy and delicate tracks that are in keeping with the fairy tale/bedtime story concept of the movie. This mood prevails for much of the album, creating poignant and ethereal atmospheres sometimes with just solo electric guitar, other times with small ensembles that use flute and vibes for emotional effect.

For "Godzilla vs. Gimantis", an instrumental version of the "Monster March" theme resurfaces with a wicked backbeat. It comes back for "Monster Island's Monsters", "Godzilla vs. Spiga", "Lord Admiral Brat Showdown" and several other cues.

There's an appropriate air of danger and excitement for tracks such as "Gabara Attacks". And there's also some plain weird music, like the bizarre noises you hear in "The Strange Vines".

There's anotoher Gendai Kano song at the end, "Punpunpun", sort of like a lounge/children's choir of the "Monster March" theme.

It's a very nice program with a lot of variety. It's an odd movie as I remember it.