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2013 November 4 • Monday

The 291st Soundtrack of the Week is Henry Mancini's Condorman!

I desperately wanted to see this when it came out. I think I was nine years old. I never did see it and I would still like to!

I guess it's about a guy who can fly by flapping the wings of his Condorman costume. What I've seen on YouTube suggests that The Greatest American Hero and Armor of God 2: Operation Condor both borrowed from this movie.

It starts with heroic main title music for the opening credits sequence, which occasionally has a chorus belting out "Condorman"!

Other cues of note include "First Fight", which recalls the frantic chase music from the beginning of The Pink Panther, the quintessentially Mancini moods (romantic, intriguing, exotic) of "It Was Nothing", the piano tear-jerker with worldess chorus that is "Free Single Woman" and the rousing action/adventure scoring for "I'll Bring the Dip (Natalia's Rescue).

There are also some extras like source music for belly dancing, some insanely bright and cheery polka-type stuff, and the self-explanatory "Accordion Dance", "Russian Party Dance" and "Son of Russian Party Dance".