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2013 May 20 • Monday

Franz Waxman's music for Career is the 267th Soundtrack of the Week.

I'd like to see this movie just for Carolyn Jones!

The "Main Title" reminded me a little of Waxman's music for The Philadelphia Story. It occurs to me that both might have been influenced by Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue".

There are other Gershwinesque jazz atmospheres here and there. "Cold Water Flat", for example, has echoes of "Summertime" in it.

"Sharon/Sharon Proposes" and "Hysterical Proposal/Across the Threshold" make great use of electric guitar lines as contrast for reeds and strings. modern jazz.

Waxman provides wonderul romantic and dramatic writing for "My Way of Life/Another Obstacle", "The Smell of Success/Sad News" and "Two Up on Me", all of which feature brilliant performances by various soloists from the orchestra.

Also included are Sammy Cahn/James Van Heusen's title song "(Love Is a) Career" and the uptempo Latin jazz "Night Club Dance No. 1" composed by Gus Levene.