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2013 April 22 • Monday

The 263rd Soundtrack of the Week is Armando Trovaioli's score for the 1960s spy thriller Rapporto Fuller, base Stoccolma.

I'd like to see this movie. I've been to Stockholm a few times and I'm always curious about these movies that try to catch some reflected glory from the James Bond franchise.

The music begins with a vocal number, "The Touch of a Kiss", which is like a hybrid of "Lullaby of Birdland" and John Barry's "My Love Has Two Faces" (from the movie Deadfall). The second track, "She, Dangerous Stuff", begins with a brief quote from that melody before going into a 5/4 piece that is extremely indebted to Paul Desmond's "Take Five". These two themes are used in one way or another for almost the entire score.

The theme first heard in "She, Dangerous Stuff" is reprised in "Feeling Like a Ball", "Suddenly an Old Friend", "All Filled Now", "The End of the Foul", "Trapped Again", "Half of the Report" and "The Puzzle of Memories".

Several of those cues also contain "The Touch of a Kiss", which is heard additionally in "Tears and Spies", "Unexpected Note", "A Forced Meeting", "The Unwitting Bait", "The Cottage Over the River", "A Bank in Zurich", "The Report Is Completed", "Just Pull the Trigger", "The Last Gift" and "Just Another Ending".

There's also a shorter vocal take and a couple of straight instrumental renditions of "The Touch of a Kiss", both with great saxophone playing.