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2012 October 12 • Friday

Have you heard of Edgar Oliver? I hadn't until my friend James told me about him a few weeks ago and suggested we see his new show. We went on opening night and I loved Edgar immediately, from the very first moment he took the stage.

He stands in front of a microphone and tells stories of his extremely unusual childhood in Savannah, Georgia. There's a bit of Tennessee Williams in there, maybe a touch of Flannery O'Connor and Shirley Jackson, but Edgar Oliver is unique, a performer who is not only breathtaking and brilliant but also kind, delicate and funny.

While his stories are written so well that they would be a delight to read, there can be no question that his presentation of them—his voice, phrasing, delivery and demeanor—take them to a higher level

You can get an idea of what he does from this YouTube video. The first few minutes of it are mostly the same as the first few minutes of Helen & Edgar.