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2012 July 18 • Wednesday

That's where my brother and I were last week. We were also here:

And various other places in the San Diego area.

Comic-con was great. Some people say you should see the Grand Canyon before you die. I feel that way about the San Diego Comic-con, now that I've seen it for myself.

The organization of such a huge event was very impressive. My brother and I had a very easy time getting our badges and enjoying the convention. Even better was what a positive experience it was. Everybody seemed happy and pleasant. The only friction I noticed was caused by excitable Jesus freaks who were picketing the convention center.

Actually, most of the ones just standing or walking around with the signs weren't so bad. But I saw one street preacher type who was screaming about how homosexuality is a sin and all that kind of stuff. Some people were getting noticably upset by that.

Then there were people who had a different kind of response.

It's hard to see in this photo but the woman in the middle has a small white sign that says SAY YES TO NECROPHILIA :).