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2012 July 16 • Monday

Basil Poledouris's music for RoboCop is the 226th Soundtrack of the Week.

The "Main Title" is only 45 seconds and begins as drama before becoming uncannily apt TV music. Perhaps this is background for a news broadcast. It goes into "Have a Heart", a short (33 seconds), stirring, emotional cue. I believe this is music for a TV commercial for heart replacement surgery.

"O.C.P. Monitors" has pulsing horns and driving strings.

We start to get longer cues with "Van Chase" (4:56). It starts as exciting dramatic music before becoming pensive and atmospheric.

"Murphy Dies in O.R." is tense and mournful with interesting synth sounds and powerful horn playing.

The synth gets more of a work-out in "Robo Live", starting weird before becoming tuneful.

"Drive Montage" builds gradually to RoboCop's theme music.

The music for "Murphy's Dream" is wistful and appropriately dreamy.

"Rock Shop" is an explosion of action usic, while "Robo & Ed 209 Fight" has pounding rhythms and a stretched out RoboCop theme.

The same theme slows down for "Force Shoots Robo".

"Big Is Better" is a cheesy tune. while "Care Package" is a calm, reflective, melancholy piece.

"Looking for Me" is music for the big showdown, with lots of drama, as you'd expect.

Finally "Across the Board (End Credits) is the longest track at 7 and a half minutes. It's like a suite of the movie's main themes.