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2012 July 09 • Monday

The 225th Soundtrack of the Week is the score for Dragonslayer, by the great Alex North.

The score has several moods, of dread, mystery, excitement and tension. These are punctuated by occasional comicw moments and sections of romantic, sweepign beauty.

The use of orchestral color is startling—it reminds you of how much an orchestra can do.

The "Main Title" features horns and percussion playing ominous low tones and some unnerving high-pitched statements before the strings come in with smooth lines.

"No Sorcerors—No Dragons" is spooky and suspenseful at first before becoming sweet.

Strings start out doing most of the work in "Ulrich's Death and Mourning/The Amulet", playing some interesting, modern-sounding harmonies. Winds come in, then chimes and maybe a synthesizer of some sort. It wnds with a building of tension.

"Forest Romp" is an uptempo, playful piece that features the snare. It actually reminded me a bit of the theme music for My Favorite Martian.

More menace comes with "Maiden's Sacrifice", which has great sanre work and notable harpsichord playing.

"Visions and Reflections/Hodge's Death" is a mostly beautiful dramatic section that has some elements of comedy and romance.

"The Lair/Landslide" is mostly dread and action. The rest of the score continues the various moods already described.