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2012 January 23 • Monday

The 201st Soundtrack of the Week is Akihiko Matsumoto's music for Odoru Daisosasen: The Movie, the first of several successful feature-film spin-offs of the Japanese TV show Odoru Daisosasen, known in English as Bayside Shakedown (though I read somewhere that the title translates literally as Dancing on the Line of Inquiry).

This is not the kind of music I usually listen to, but I love it. It is, I guess, dance music, a mixture of house, techno and world beat stuff.

I picked up the DVD for this movie on a whim, probably about ten years ago, while browsing in a Chinatown video store. (Most of them are gone, by the way. I still visit P-Tune on Christie Street pretty regularly.)

I loved the movie from the start. It shows cops on a stake-out and the viewer expects them to nab a dangerous criminal. It turns out they're actually on a mission to escort a departmental VIP to a golf game. The main character, Aoshima, cheers the bigwig's tee-off but turns his cheer into a put-down.

Then the opening credits rolled and I was hooked.

The music has pounding beats, what sounds like a looped sample of a Mexican pop song, and an awesome melody. Like all of the material here, it's been creatively and thoughtfully arranged and constructed. It's called "Rhythm and Police" and has two distinct parts, the second part being a jaunty sort of wrap up to the intensity of the credits sequence.

That's the second track on the CD. There's an intro which loops a section of the series' signature song, "Love