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2011 November 04 • Friday

Kim Jung Mi impressed me not only with her support of Shin Joon Hyung during hard times but also with her great singing voice, so I picked up this CD of hers.

I listened to it on the train down to Harrisburg last month.

The song names are all in Korean so I don't know what they are. I'm pretty sure Shin Joon Hyung plays guitar throughout. There's plenty of lead guitar stuff that sounds like him.

The music in general is kind of heavy psychedelic rock, usually small ensemble of electric guitars, electric bass guitar and drums. Sometimes you'll hear organ or other keyboards, sometimes flute.

Some of the songs have a Zappa feel to them A few nearer the end have more complicated orchestrations and are closer to pop than to rock.

Kim Jung Mi's voice soars over it all or, when appropriate, barrels right through it. She can be airy, bluesy, tough, ethereal and delicate, depending on the music.