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2011 September 19 • Monday

The 183rd Soundtrack of the Week is a triple feature of Stu Phillips scores: A Time to Every Purpose, The Name of the Game Is … Kill and The Meal.

The main theme for A Time to Every Purpose is the song "Echoes of the Road", which we hear first as an instrumental and then performed by Don Dunn. "Well, I don't give a damn / Lord knows I've paid my dues / The echoes of the road / Keep ringing through my shoes". It's a great sixties-ish song, with catchy steel-string guitar playing and earthy drumming.

After that comes the frenetic "Leap", which sounds like what might happen if Burt Bacharach tried his hand at prog rock cartoon music: lots of changes, melodic figures that are the sonic equivalent of a smiley face, fuzz guitar.

The "Leap" and "Echoes" themes recur throughout the rest of the score, arranged for different uses (love theme, etc.).

"Niki & Les/Love in the Woods" is something different, very atmospheric and all strings and harp. "Valley of the Flowers" continues in the same vein but adds harmonica, slightly reminiscent of the harmonica from Morricone scores. The orchestra closes with "Echoes" again.

"A Long Journey Home" is a piece for the orchestra that quotes from "Echoes" and reminded me of music for The Bionic Woman. "Les's Idea" is a brief continuation of it.

The Name of the Game Is … Kill has music that would be right at home in a giallo, with childlike vocals ("When the sun does come up hi