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2011 July 08 • Friday

That's from the new Library of American Comics book, Tarpé Mills & Miss Fury: Sensational Sundays 1944–1949, edited by Trina Robbins, who contributes an informative introductory essay, "Miss Fury and the Very Personal Universe of Tarpé Mills".

I've been looking forward to this for a long time. I first encountered Miss Fury in some old newspaper pages my parents-in-law gave me. (You can see some here.)

Miss Fury is, to quote the book's front cover, "the first female superhero created & drawn by a woman cartoonist". She made her first appearance in 1941, months before the arrival of Wonder Woman.

This book apparently collects what the editor and publisher believe are the best years of Mills's work. If it does well, there could be a second volume of earlier material. I bought one, now it's your turn!