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2011 May 23 • Monday

The 166th Soundtrack of the Week is Fukuda Yasuhiko's Bakuhatsu! Sukeban Hunters: Sokatsu Nagurikomi Sakusen (which I've seen translated as Yakuza-Busting Girls: Final Death-Ride Battle).

It begins with "Asami's Theme", a stirring melody in 6/8 that's played mostly on cheesy synthesizers. It's good enough to prevail over the instrumentation.

Then comes the theme for the movie, all blaring horns, wah-wah guitar and backbeat drums. This has a '70s TV action music feel to it.

This is followed by a tender ballad played on electric piano with some subtle backing by electric guitar.

Then comes "Yasagure FUNK", for which somebody brought out the fuzz box—and the flute.

Then comes a tune called "Sadistic Junk" It actually has kind of a drunken boogie-woogie feel to it, which is not what I expected.

"The Battle" is straight-up post-blaxploitation action music with a pretty awesome break down. Great bass playing on this one.

"Yayoi" is another sensitive ballad, this time for acoustic piano with string accompaniment. Another delicate melody follows this one, played on something that sounds like a celeste or something like it.

After this comes "Rock Hunter's Blues", a surf-rock vocal number that's really great.

Then comes another vocal number, "Love's Finale", an excellent groovy song.