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2011 February 16 • Wednesday

Here's a great new CD you should get if you like free improv. It's available at the Downtown Music Gallery.

Fester: Sip and Bite is a the first release by David Grollman (snare drum) and Sean Ali (bass). They've played together a lot and their interplay and invention are really exciting. I'm glad they have a CD out!

They did a great job with the packaging, too. On the back is a photo of some maggots and it's covered with real wire screen. That's not a photo of a piece of screen, that's the real thing!

Inside is a beautiful book—complete with book mark!

People always want to know who mastered something before they buy it, right? Hmm, I don't know, let's check.

Oh, how about that? Buy one and I'll ask Dexter to autograph it for you!