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2010 November 22 • Monday

After Emanuelle in America comes Emanuelle Around the World, another Nico Fidenco score for this series of sex films and the 140th Soundtrack of the Week. While they began as softcore, the later films, according to Wikipedia, "feature scenes of extreme violence and depravity".

Fidenco's music is more synth-driven than before, and much of it has a laid-back but pulsating feel, almost like new age disco in places. This might seem like something awful, but it's really not bad.

Some of the sounds, like the keyboard lead for "Where To Begin?", might take some getting used to. As usual, a couple of themes get a work out. "A Picture of Love" is the big song from this movie, and is an elaborate rock band number that combines some David Bowie-like pseudo-prog arranging with elements from 1950s rock and roll. It's pretty cool.

There's an echo of "Emanuelle's Theme" in "Confused Girl", and some unexpected instrumentation in "Come Back Rhythm", disco drums with rapidly sawing cello. "Dancing Slave" has rocking acoustic guitar.

As always, the use of percussion is excellent.