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2010 March 03 • Wednesday

Hank Williams had an interesting history with marriage. He and Audrey were married, then divorced. Then the divorce was annulled and they got married again, then divorced again.

Hank then married Billie Jean Jones a few times. They got married in public at the Municipal Auditorium in New Orleans, charging $1.00—$2.80 for tickets. You could attend the the 3:00 or 7:00 shows.

But Hank and Billie Jean got legally married the night before their public weddings. Legend has it that Audrey threatened to show up and disrupt the ceremony, so they made sure all the legal, official business was done before show time.

According to Colin Escott's Hank Williams biography, about 14,000 people saw Hank and Billie Jean get married. Some of them bought this program for 50¢. (This one my mother got on eBay and gave to me as a present.)