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2009 July 25 • Saturday

It's summer and I'm from New England. I want lobster rolls!

The lobster rolls at Pearl Oyster Bar and Mary's Fish Camp are excellent, it's true. Brooklyn Fish Camp, Mary's sister restuarant, is not too far from our house and the lobster roll there is just as good.

But their lobster rolls cost $33.

The lobster roll at the Oyster Bar in Grand Central is only a few dollars cheaper and not as good. (I go there just to have their excellent New England clam chowder and maybe a couple of oysters. You can do that for about $10.)

In desperation I decided to make my own lobster roll. I purchased a container of lobster meat from our local fish shop, brought it home, made lobster salad, toasted a hot dog bun and made my own lobster roll.

It was excellent. It also cost a little more than $20. Not a bargain.

Today I finally went to check out the flea market on Vanderbilt Street, somewhere just north of Atlantic Avenue. I didn't realize that there would be food there. Really good food, in fact. The Red Hook Lobster Pound, for instance.

Delicious and only $13!

Also on sale at the market was one of my favorite childhood toys. I haven't seen one of these in thirty years or so.