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2009 May 18 • Monday

The sixty-first Soundtrack of the Week is La Morte Bussa Due Volte by Piero Umiliani.

The first time I heard the first track on this CD, I thought it opened with theremin or some kind of electronic keyboard. It turned out to be a woman's voice, though—not Yma Sumac's, though that's what I was reminded of.

That first track is the main theme, a lilting number with a beautiful melody that gets worked out with a number different feels. Sometimes it's bossa, sometimes more latin jazz or rock, sometimes groovy, always great. There are fuzz and nylon string guitars, organ, lots of percussion.

I couldn't stop listening to it and played it over and over. I thought about whether I would need it on a desert island. More importantly, it cured me of worrying about whether I bought too many Italian soundtrack CDs.