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2009 March 16 • Monday

The fifty-second Soundtrack of the Week is Frankie Chan's score for Wong Kar Wai's Dung che sai duk (Ashes of Time).

I like some synth soundtracks. Goblin and Tangerine Dream come to mind. So does this (and the music for some other Hong Kong movies).

Of course, I have to be in the right mood for it and I can only listen to it when I'm by myself. There's one kind of cool vocal number and one possibly unembarrassing kind of groovy number. The main theme is simple but wistful and quite pretty.

I bought this in Chinatown when the movie first came out and was playing there. I saw it—at, I think, the Rosemary Theatre (now a Buddhist temple)—three times, mostly because I was completely baffled by it the first two times.

I don't usually bother going to see a movie that many times, no matter how confusing, but Christopher Doyle's cinematography is always a pleasure to watch.