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2009 January 27 • Tuesday

Having just watched Black Christmas, I can say that it certainly does merit inclusion on any list of "Rocking Chair" movies. I wonder about the "cat" that's on the list, though.

Sure, there is this cat, whose name is Claude or something, and at least two people get killed wandering through the sorority house looking for him.

That's the cat in question right there. But in an earlier scene, another cat can be seen at the lower right of the screen.

Hard to see in this low-resolution image, but easily spotted in the movie.

So there are really two cats in Black Christmas, though this first cat is never mentioned or seen again.

Feel free to go to imdb and change "cat" to "cats". In the meantime, I'm starting to keep track of appearances of cats in movies, in the spirit of the Internet Movie Cars Database.