Gutbrain Records

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

This recent release from Ace Records is really good. That's Swift: Instrumentals from the Norman Petty Vaults is a compilation of rock and roll and surf and what have you, all recorded at one studio in New Mexico in the '60s.

The first track, "Door Banger" a.k.a. "Ninety Four Second Surf" by The King Pins, is a masterpiece of economy and atmosphere. Ninety-four seconds and a basic surf four-piece (two electric guitars, electric bass guitar and drums) can accomplish a lot.

"Exotique" by The Rhythm Masters was a bit like "Apache" and "Las Vegas Scene" by The Canadian Nomads was a bit like "Tequila".

"Black Grass" by The Chances is in 6/8 with acoustic guitar playing the lead. "Termites" by The Cords uses muted electric guitar strings and a slide (or something) to suggest the title creatures. Both of these songs were great and a departure from the norm.

"Bach's Back!" from Canada's Wes Dakus' Rebels has electric 12-string guitar and church organ and has a Strawberry Alarm Clock mood.