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Monday, 21 July 2008

The eighteenth Soundtrack of the Week is Jikiru to Haido, Japanese for Jekyll & Hyde.

One of my favorite composers, Masaru Sato, contributed the hard-swinging and creatively arranged main theme. The rest of the music, which includes sparse string music, lugubrious organ solos, breezy jazz and atmospheric cues, is by Koji Izumi.

I got the CD from Ark Soundtrack Square and I don't know anything more about it than what it says on their website. I guess Jekyll & Hyde was a Japanese TV show in 1973.

A week from today we'll be moving. I have been assured that we will not have internet access the first day at our new address. In fact, nobody knows when our new house will be wired. There may not be a lot of activity at this site for a while.