Gutbrain Records

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Remember that movie Saturday the 14th? No, of course not. Why should you? I never saw it but Jeffrey Tambor is in it and he's always good.

Last Thursday I went to MagMa Studios (great place!) and recorded a CD with genius musicians Reuben Radding and Matt Moran. It was a lot of fun!

Jokes about the famous Red Norvo-Tal Farlow-Charles Mingus trio were made. For about a minute I considered giving the record a name that's an anagram of "Red Norvo Tal Farlow Charles Mingus" — "A Declarative Frog Mulls Worn Horns" or "Gross Horror a Willful Advancement" — but decided against it.

(I didn't figure out those anagrams myself. That's what the Internet Anagram Server is for.)

Anyway here's an mp3 of one of the pieces.