Gutbrain Records

Friday, 06 June 2008

Now that Alexander Courage has passed away, I may as well reveal that I tipped my hat to him a few years ago. The first few notes of Ellery's part in "1600 Hours", the first piece on the At Sunset CD, were meant to echo the first few notes of Courage's Star Trek theme; not the fanfare but the very first notes.

(The title "1600 Hours" is meant as a dedication to Paul Motian. 1600 hours = 4:00 pm or "For P. M.".)

The arrangement of "The Crab" which Jim Reil played on his radio show contained a "Bo Diddley" section. Alice played maracas on that part to give it the real Bo Diddley flavor and Joey played with both sticks and brushes, one of each in each hand.

That recording will probably never be officially released as it couldn't be mixed. The tape machine at the studio broke down and we recorded it directly to CD. Only the rough headphone mix survives and the sound quality doesn't compare favorably with the other recordings.