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Tuesday, 03 June 2008

So what about the Miles Per Gallon mini-tour? MPG stands for Menegon Price Grollman and also for Miles Per Gallon, the unofficial name of our free-improv trio. We spent a lot of time tut-tutting about the price of gas, well over $4 at many gas stations.

Mr. Dorgon took this photo of our performance in Sacramento, at a cool place called 21 Grand. I was honored that dear friends and great artists Vivienne Flesher and Ward Schumaker attended.

The show was a good one and featured the first of a few guest appearances by My Little Pony. (You had to be there.) There's an mp3 of a bit of this show on Lucio's site. (Some photos, too.)

The second show was at the Java Lounge in Sacramento, a great coffee shop and, I suspect, the coolest place in town. Certainly the people who work there were as nice as they come. This was a good show.

We spent the night at a Motel 6 in Reno which was conveniently located near Mountain View Mortuary. We switched to The Sands (where else?) when we found out it was cheaper.

At Java Jungle, a Reno coffeeshop, I noticed this extremely modest call for revolution. Not only is it tiny, there isn't even an exclamation mark!

That's David with the "REVOLT" sticker in the background. See it?

In Reno we played in the basement of this bar, Red Rock. I really liked the opening band, MegaBear. A good show, even though the acoustics were somewhat unfriendly.


Jesus rode a donkey, right? Does this have something to do with the "Jesus Lives" sign?

Nearing our last stop, the 3rd Annual Boise Experimental Music Festival.

We almost missed our set when space aliens tried to abduct David.

We played, sold a CD and took off. I recommend Idaho microbrew Dogzilla, a Black IPA from Laughing Dog Brewing.