Gutbrain Records

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

The new CD, Rob Price Quartet with Ellery Eskelin, Trevor Dunn & Jim Black: I Really Do Not See The Signal, is here!

You will soon be able to buy it from Cadence, CD Baby and the Downtown Music Gallery. You can buy it from me right now, though, for $18 dollars. That includes shipping, no matter where you live. Click the button at the top left of this page (or send me a check or money order, payable to "Rob Price") if that sounds good to you.

Here is an mp3 of one of the tunes, "Girasol". That's right, I'm giving away this extraordinary piece of music, a 99¢ value on some download sites. We've lost our minds here at Gutbrain Records. Call it a Father's Day sale.

This piece is named after the girasol ring that Lamont Cranston/The Shadow always wore. You can see it on his left hand. I had no idea "girasol" meant "sunflower" in some language until Jim told me so at the recording session.