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Tuesday, 26 June 2006

Every so often I feel like watching a giallo. Whatever movie I choose frequently has great photography and lighting, often has a good soundtrack — Ennio Morricone composed several — and is almost always incredibly boring.

Most recently I watched Seven Deaths in the Cat's Eye. It has great photography and lighting, a decent score by Riz Ortolani and practically no plot and no action. It stars Jane Birkin and has brief appearances by her then-partner Serge Gainsbourg, whose lines are dubbed into Scottish-accented English. There are also many shots of a grumpy-looking cat. I think it's supposed to be scary. Jane's pretty good in the lead but she really doesn't have enough to work with.

There are some good gialli out there, but there must be about a dozen boring ones for each good one. I don't much mind sitting through some of the lackluster examples, though. The more of them I watch, the more amusing I find this Do-It-Yourself Giallo Generator.