Gutbrain Records

Sunday, 14 August 2005

I just added a few CDs to the column on the left. These are recordings which I'm on but which are not available from me.

Jubilee is the new Alice Bierhorst CD and it's amazing. You should buy it right now! (Click on the picture of the CD to go to Alice's internet shop.) I play guitar on a few tracks, using a Univox tape delay and a 50-year-old amplifier. Also joining Alice on the CD are Laura Cromwell, John Mettam and Pete Galub.

Mr. Dorgon's latest release, Smell the Glove, is insane. There's a mixture of stuff on it, including the sickest harmonica playing I've ever heard. The part I'm on is a field recording of Mr. Dorgon and I performing at a benefit for a pirate radio station in Brooklyn. I play theremin and Mr. Dorgon plays clarinet. Listen carefully and you may hear the moment when I worry that I've broken the theremin after thrashing the "pitch" antenna with a length of chain. (You can get a neat sound that way but, yes, be careful.)

We sort of reprised this duo a few years later, to provide a live soundtrack for a production of Luis Buñuel's Hamlet, probably the only play ever written with stage directions for a "numismatic dolphin". For Hamlet, I played theremin and Mr. Dorgon played electronics.

The Dim Sum Clip Job CD is, wow, ten years old now, I think. John Zorn released Harmolodic Jeopardy on his Avant label. It features Laura Cromwell, Mr. Dorgon, Jay Brown and myself, with special guests Kenny Wollesen, Chris Cochrane and Hope Cromwell. It was recorded by the great Martin Bisi.