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2021 October 01 • Friday

Ah, it's Schocktober again! Time to get in the spirit with Mort Garson's incredible electronic music album Black Mass Lucifer, on pink vinyl!

We first encountered Garson via his extraordinary Plantasia record.

Black Mass Lucifer is a very different project but absolutely as good, maybe even better.

The tunes all have titles like "Incubus", "Exorcism", "Evil Eye" and so forth, and the liner notes are by an expert in folklore and mythology who gives background on what these terms mean without commenting on the music.

The music is amazing, though. "Ride of Aido (Voodoo)" does in fact conjure up distinct impressions of voodoo drums while also melodically suggesting "Third Stone from the Sun".

"Incubus" starts out kind of slow and dreamy but slams into a sort of electronic jazz fusion masterpiece that somehow recalls the Jim Hall tune "Careful" while "Black Mass" manages to channel both Bach and Black Sabbath.

Other parts might remind you of Vangelis as well as 1980s synth horror and 1950s sci-fi theremin movie scores. Much of it is just delightfully strange.

Everything is done with electronic instruments and considering that this was first released in 1971, it's staggeringly impressive.

Even better, it's just a fantastic listening experience!